The Next Generation

When I started going to the 10-15 year-old kids’ class at Lincoln BJJ, it was to be a partner for Brooklyn, our first student. Then she wasn’t able to come for awhile, because her dad was dealing with some health issues, but another girl had joined the class by then, so I kept going to be her partner. Now Brooklyn is back, and we also recently picked up three more students, so most of the time I don’t have to be anyone’s partner, and I don’t really need to be there, but I’ve kept going because I enjoy it.

Lincoln BJJ kids' class

Conan, Bella, Brooklyn, me

When I go to the kids’ class, I also get to play fun games like foot tag and sumo! Not just with children, because Greg, Conan, and Jerad join in the mix. Sometimes when I’m not needed to partner with anyone, I even get to do all of the drills with one of the adults! On the rare occasions when no students show up, I’m able to drill or roll the entire time.

Over half of the students in the class are female, and even though I don’t help teach very much (I’m just a grappling dummy!), I think it’s nice for the girls to have a woman around (I don’t think their parents mind it, either). I like working with kids, and it feels good to know I’m a part of shaping their BJJ experience.

When I was training Jiu-Jitsu at the dojo, Shihan wouldn’t allow kids to attend. We did have a 13 year-old boy with us in the adult class for awhile, but he was the exception. Once I even tried to talk Shihan into allowing a 12 year-old girl come to our women’s class, but he said no. So, another happy thing to come out of moving to Lincoln BJJ is that I get to share my love of Jiu-Jitsu with the next generation. As long as Greg keeps letting me attend the kids’ class, I will keep going.

“The quiet ones, they always look so innocent. You think you can turn your back on them;
next thing you know -bam!” -Guinan


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