Last class

Even though I had an appointment on Thursday to get my bad back checked out, I still went to Lincoln BJJ on Wednesday. First of all, I was afraid I might be told that I wouldn’t be able to train for awhile, so I wanted to get in a last class. Also, Sweeney Todd (aka Barber Brian) had told me that he talked his wife Janice into trying BJJ, and she was nervous, so he hoped I would be in the beginner class to work with her, and I didn’t want to miss it!

I was actually at Lincoln BJJ for over three and a half hours on Wednesday, but I wasn’t over-training, as it would seem. I went in to help out with the kids’ class, and we ended up having four students, so I didn’t need to be anyone’s partner, I just did the warm-ups and helped teach. Then I also did most of the warm-ups in the advanced class, but since I was staying for the beginner class afterward, and since the other four people in the advanced class were all big dudes, I decided the best thing for my back would be to not participate in both classes. When Greg asked me if I wanted to just sit in the “coaches corner” with him during the advanced class, and I told him I thought that would be best, he said “Okay, you can watch me torture them”, and he certainly did! Instead of just eight minutes in hell, they did twelve, and then everyone rolled with everyone for nine minutes each. I got tired just watching!

Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett

Don’t let her take your back!

I’m glad I was able to go in and work with Janice in the beginner class, because it was a lot of fun. I even felt big next to her, because she’s only about 5 feet, 100 pounds! She had a great attitude, but I don’t think she liked it when we worked on throwing. I tried to be gentle, but the first time I threw her, she literally screamed, and it scared me! I thought it was a good sign at the end of class when Greg told Janice she didn’t have to participate in King of the Mat if she didn’t want to, but she chose to join in. When I went against her, she started out on my back, and she was so small and tight to me that I had a much tougher time escaping than I expected! Somehow I ended up mounting her, but she had her arm around my head the entire time!

I did well against all of the people I grappled with in the beginner class on Wednesday, I even submitted one of them with the rear cross-collar choke that we had worked on that day! My final match ended in a draw when we ran out of time, but I also consider that one a win, because Backdraft Brian started out on my back, but he still couldn’t choke me!

I had a good time in the beginner class, and I really hope Janice continues training! Not only because I think it would be cool to have another mother at Lincoln BJJ (her husband and kids already train, so we’d have a family!), but also because I think she has great potential. However, I’m not sure how she felt about it, because at one point when we were practicing chokes, she asked me, incredulously “Why do you do this?!” I said “Because it’s fun”. Then yesterday, the chiropractor basically asked me the same question, and I answered “Because it keeps me happy and healthy.” (back problems not withstanding ;). I’m so glad that my last class wasn’t my last class!


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