Good Times

I've got your back!Yesterday was a red letter day for me in BJJ, because I was actually able to mount Conan and take his back, all in the same day! (Disclaimer- Conan could submit me every ten seconds if he really wanted to.) The back take occurred when we were doing positional grappling with him starting out in turtle during king of the mat, and the mount happened after he let me have top side control when we were rolling at the end of class. Still, I don’t think Conan allowed me take his back or mount him, so I did some good things!

I actually did some good things during king of the mat and in all of my rolls in the advanced class yesterday! Of course I still lost most of the time, but not as badly as I normally do. A few other good things I accomplished:

  • I went from turtle to guard against someone during king of the mat, which means I won!
  • I did not get choked or subbed at all by anyone when I was on the bottom during turtle kotm!
  • I swept someone from spider guard with “my sweep” twice, and gained top half-guard out of it both times!
  • I caused someone to give up on several choke attempts that they thought weren’t working, but were!
  • The Professor did not take my back and choke me! (Disclaimer- I didn’t roll with him)

I don’t think there’s usually much of an actual difference between a good day and a bad day for me in BJJ, it’s more about how I handle it, and what I focus on afterward. However, either taking Conan’s back or mounting him is something that I’m almost never able to do, so to have them both happen on the same day was pretty special!

“Keepin’ your head above water, making a wave when you can.” -Theme Song to Good Times

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