Starting this blog was not actually my idea (it was my husband’s) and one of the reasons I decided to go through with it is because at the time I didn’t really feel like I belonged in my Jiu-Jitsu class (probably because I’m the only middle-aged broad there), so an incentive for blogging was to find some sort of BJJ community I could be part of. I’m not good at reaching out to people personally (I’m too shy to even comment on most other blogs or message boards), so instead, I basically reached out to the entire internet through this blog.

'Sup, bro!Thankfully, some people responded. I’ve found readers who seem to care about my Jiu-Jitsu training and what I have to say about it. Most of the readers of this blog are not people I train with, or even people I know. Most of them are strangers to me, from different schools, from other parts of the country, and even the world. To my surprise, I’ve also picked up readers who don’t train martial arts at all! I never expected Ginger Snaps to be very popular, all I really wanted was to share my journey with a few people who might understand.

Sometimes I wonder if I would still be training Jiu-Jitsu if not for this blog, if not for the people I don’t know who make me feel supported and as though I really do belong in BJJ. The most unexpected part of blogging for me is the people who have sent me personal messages, telling me they relate to things I’ve written, or even asking for advice.

Although I do now feel like I’m an integral part of my BJJ class, it’s still the people I don’t know who I think about when I write, they are the audience I have in mind. I am truly grateful to every single one of them for giving me extra incentive to keep going, both with blogging and BJJ (a special shout out to Savage Kitsune, a purple belt who’s been reading my drivel and giving me valuable advice since the beginning!).

I used to feel like my Jiu-Jitsu world was very small, but blogging has shown me that we don’t actually have to train together to form a connection. Now not only do I feel like I’m part of my own team at Lincoln BJJ, but I also feel like I’m a part of the Jiu-Jitsu community as a whole, and it’s an incredibly happy place to be. I don’t think there are really any strangers in BJJ, just extended family who I’ve never met!

“Did you realize no one can see inside your view?
Did you realize for why this sight belongs to you?” -Portishead


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