Take it Easy

On Tuesday night they cancelled all classes at Lincoln BJJ on Wednesday, due to the impending snowfall, but I think they suffered from premature cancellation, because the snow wasn’t even that bad! I totally would’ve driven to class, but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, since there wasn’t an advanced class on Wednesday, I went to the beginner class on Thursday instead, and I was surprised at how great I still felt after class! There really is a big difference in the intensity of the two classes, and the beginner class is only an hour, instead of ninety minutes like the advanced class (and the extra half hour is all rolling!).

Sam (one of our two white belt women) was there, and I had intended to partner with her (as I’ve done in every class we’ve both attended), but then the teenager asked me to be his partner. Tristan is really picking up Jiu-Jitsu fast, and since he and I are exactly the same weight, I have a good time working with him. I knew he was going to do well at the last BJJ tournament after he submitted me once during the competition class the week before! He ended up winning all of his matches by submission.

However, Tristan did not sub me yesterday (nor I him), and neither did the other guy I grappled with. Of course, it was his very first day, so that might explain it. It felt strange to do the positional grappling from mount with the brand new dude, because I felt like I should take it easy on him. I don’t train with complete beginners very often, and normally in the advanced class I literally feel like I’m fighting for my life (and losing!) almost every second, so it seems weird when that doesn’t happen, and even weirder to feel like I should hold back.

They said roll light, I went hard.When I was on top against the new student, I got a couple of keylocks on him, and I’m pretty sure I could’ve made him tap, but I chose to let go once I knew I had them. When I was on the bottom, I believe I successfully used every single mount escape I know! At one point he commented that I was more aggressive than the first partner he had grappled with, and I was afraid that I wasn’t going easy enough, so I let him get a couple of upa escapes (which is one of the things we had practiced during class). I just hope I didn’t make him feel overwhelmed, and that he comes back to class. Afterward, he said he had a lot of fun working with me, but sometimes people lie!

Even though I was disappointed about getting snowed out of the advanced class on Wednesday, I’m glad I ended up going to the beginner class yesterday, since I don’t make it there very often, and it was a nice change of pace. The mat was more crowded than it is in the advanced class (I believe there were sixteen of us), which is a great thing! I think some of those white belts are going to be moving up to the advanced class soon, and it looks like new white belts will continually be replacing them in the beginner class, which means that Lincoln BJJ has the recipe to be a super successful school. We’re not even a year old yet, and we’ve already come a long way!


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