Sweet Dreams

“I’m going to make you drill this until you can do it in your sleep.” -The Professor

It feels good to be back training at Lincoln BJJ again! Okay, I only missed one week, but it was a loooooong week (because I’ve been super eager to train ever since I competed!). When I went back on Monday, I was able to drill with Greg and Jerad for awhile before class, then during yesterday’s advanced class, we spent the technique portion of class drilling techniques of our choosing. The one I drilled the entire time (in both classes) was a sweep from spider guard, which is similar to the sickle sweep, but I don’t know it’s name.

If I hadn’t competed, The Professor wouldn’t have had me drilling that sweep this week. Another benefit of entering the tournament was that it allowed Greg to see what my game consisted of, and how we could improve it. He told me he liked what he saw with my open guard, so I’ve been working on it. I think he was also testing out my side control in class yesterday, because when we rolled, he asked me to do positional grappling with him in bottom side control. Afterward, he complimented me on my shoulder pressure, and said something to the effect of “We need to get you sweeping and passing!”.

Not only did competing help my teacher see what my training should focus on, and not only did I personally realize a lot of things I could improve when I watched my matches on video, but I’ve also learned from watching my teammates compete. I studied Mike’s game in particular, since we are similar in size and he always wins gold (well, maybe not always in the absolute, because “Those dudes were HUGE!” ;). Of all the videos I uploaded from the Circle of Iron BJJ Championships, the one with the most views is the match that Mike won in twenty seconds, by straight ankle lock. That match ended so fast that I was able to put the entire thing on the highlight video!

Don't give up on your dreams, keep on sleeping.Before I competed this last time, I was feeling somewhat directionless in my BJJ training, and now I feel like I’m going somewhere.  It’s as though my passion and dedication have been rekindled, into a full blown fire! I’m excited to work on the lessons I learned from competing, it makes me want to train even more than I already did. I especially can’t wait until I can do that sweep in my sleep, because those would be some sweet dreams! After that, I’ll start working on the twenty second foot lock…I mean in my dreams, because that’s probably the only place it will ever happen for me!

“Hold your head up, movin’ on
Keep your head up, movin’ on…”


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