I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That

Do you want to know what competing in the BJJ tournament last Saturday really made me want to do? Train Jiu-Jitsu! I guess another benefit of competing is that if you lose, it can make you hunger to train even harder, so it doesn’t happen again.

Do you want to know what I haven’t been able to do since the tournament last Saturday? Train Jiu-Jitsu! I went to help out with the kids’ class yesterday, with the intention of staying for the adult class afterward, but halfway through the kids’ class, I knew it wasn’t a good idea to stay. My tailbone is still hurting from being bruised at the tournament, and now for some reason, my hip has joined the pain party.

So, no BJJ for me yesterday, but it was nice to go the kids’ class at least, and since there was only one kid and three adults, Greg was able to work with me, and show me what I had done wrong on the sickle sweep at the tournament. After the kids’ class, I practiced the sweep a few times on Adam before I left, so even though I can’t really train, I’m still learning.

One of the things that sucks about watching your competition matches on video is that you keep seeing things you should’ve done instead, but you can’t go back and change them. All you can do is move forward, and try to learn from your mistakes. There really isn’t anything like competing to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, to help you understand what you need to improve, as well as what is successful and what you should focus on.

Courage is being scared to death...and saddling up anyway.Taking so much time off from competition made me almost forget all the reasons I did it in the first place. For me, it’s not just about overcoming fear and shyness, to test myself, or to represent woman in BJJ. It’s also because in order to fully grow your Jiu-Jitsu, it’s good to open it up, expose it to new challenges, to new people.

Before this tournament, I wasn’t sure if I would continue to compete (I kind of wanted to retire for good!) but now that I remember all of the reasons for doing it, and again I can see how competing truly accelerates the learning process, I know I’m not finished yet. As much as I hate competing, I still have a lot to learn from it, and on the heels of a double loss…I ain’t goin’ out like that!


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