Number One!

Lincoln BJJ is #1!

Lincoln BJJ is #1!

Lincoln Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center won the six foot trophy for being the number one team at the Circle of Iron BJJ Championship yesterday! Not that I had anything to do with it, because I lost both of my matches, although they did give me one of those bronze medals that you get for losing because there are only three people in your bracket!

Besides my “loser bronze”, LBJJC had nine other competitors in the tournament, and they won seven gold, four silver, and two bronze medals, making us the top team. Right before the final absolute match, the director came up and said if our guy won, we would get the team trophy, and I said “They’re both our guys!”, so I knew we had it! I’m really happy and proud of my teammates, they totally rocked.

My husband filmed video of my matches (as well as most of my teammates matches), but I haven’t watched them yet, so I’ll save a detailed self-analysis for another post. I’ll just say that while I’m naturally disappointed about not winning, I don’t regret competing, it really was a great learning experience. Despite losing, I think I fought well, especially since both of my matches were against an MMA fighter who was born the year I graduated from high school. I also busted my ass in our second match…literally! Okay, I didn’t really bust it, but I did bruise my tailbone really, really badly.

It was especially cool to see so many women at the tournament, there were about ten of us, which is the most I’ve ever seen competing locally! Most of them came up and introduced themselves to me, and it was great to meet all of them. I felt a real camaraderie, and it’s awesome to see female BJJ growing locally!

I felt the most relaxed at this tournament than I ever have before, and I think part of it is because I was surrounded by so many of my teammates, instead of just one or two, like in the past. The atmosphere at the tournament itself was also very friendly and fun, it almost felt like a family reunion with some relatives I’d never met before. I was told there were sixty-six competitors from six different states, and there were no egos, just a bunch of people doing what they love.

LBJJC for the win!The tournament was a little slow getting started, but the pace picked up and it only ran about an hour and a half over the scheduled time (which is pretty good for BJJ!). I thought the venue was great, both for the competitors and spectators. My only real complaint is that a couple of the refs seemed inexperienced, and there were some issues with points not being called, or being called wrong. Having been involved in helping run tournaments myself, I know mistakes happen, but it seemed to happen far too often yesterday. However, I never saw an instance of where the missed points would’ve made a difference in the outcome of any matches.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed myself at the Circle of Iron, it was well worth the price of admission, and I would definitely return again. After all, Lincoln BJJ will have to go back to defend our team title at the next one!

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2 comments on “Number One!

  1. nice job,guys. you did you best i’m sure, gina. that’s all that matters. will the trophy fit into your school?

    • Thanks, Ken. I have no idea where we are going to put the ginormous trophy at LBJJC! I actually currently have it at my house, and I think I might just keep it. ;)

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