Don’t tase me, bro!

Don't tase me, bro!It’s nice that Sara has returned to Lincoln BJJ after many months of scheduling conflicts, but now that she’s an LPD officer, she keeps threatening to tase me! As if it’s not bad enough that even after all the time off, she can still submit me without trying too hard, but now she wants to tase me, too. Talk about an abuse of power!

I think the days of me essentially being the only woman training at Lincoln BJJ are finally over! Not only has Sara made her triumphant return, but we also have two new women attending classes. LBJJC seems to have a high retention rate with the male students who try it out, so hopefully we will see the same kind of success with the female students. I just hope Sara doesn’t threaten to tase them, because I don’t think that will help!

Seriously, it was good to roll with Sara yesterday, especially since the other people I rolled with were Fuji and Ray, so it felt nice to grapple with someone I could actually close my guard around! She gave me some pointers and encouragement about competing, which helped lessen my nerves, and yesterday she only threatened to tase me if I don’t go out there and give it my all at the tournament on Saturday…which I already fully intended to do.

(Disclaimer: No gingers or pandas were tased in the writing of this post.)


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