Crazy on You

Yesterday was the best Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class EVER, because Joe didn’t submit me at all, and I subbed him about thirty times! Of course, that’s just because I was doing dry runs of my competition game plan the entire time, and he was only allowed to defend about 20%.

Last week, Amy had told me to decide what I wanted to work on yesterday to prepare for the upcoming tournament, so at the end of competition class on Saturday, I asked Greg what he recommended we do during class on Sunday, and he said he thought I should practice my game plan over and over, with light resistance. That sounded like a good idea to me, and it also ensured that I wouldn’t get injured so close to the tournament (since Ethridges usually roll hard!).

Joe was kind enough to agree to let me go crazy and treat him like a ragdoll, even though he’s been having some back issues, so I tried to slow down and make sure all of my details were correct, and it was great practice. Well, it was for me anyway, all Joe really got to work on were his tapping skills. That’s okay, he usually doesn’t practice those enough in Ethridge class!

Lincoln BJJJoe was also kind enough to sew all of my patches on my gi yesterday, so whether I’m ready to compete or not on Saturday, at least my gi is! In the past, my husband has always been the person who sewed my patches on for me, but I thought these patches might be too much of a challenge for him, so I was planning to go to a seamstress, but Joe insisted he could do it, and he did a fine job. Since he’s been so helpful and supportive of my BJJ craziness, I almost feel bad for throwing him around and submitting him over and over again yesterday! Almost.


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