Brian’s Song

Okay, I thought it was bad enough when there were four guys named Brian in Karate at the dojo, but now we also have four of them in the beginner class at Lincoln BJJ! They range in age, and I can’t think of any particularly famous Brians who span the time frame and who they would’ve been named after. If they were all young Canadians, and spelled their names with a “y”, I might think Bryan Adams and his sappy love songs were to blame, but that’s not the case. Seriously, what is up with all the Brians?

Dyslexic zombies heart Brians!I guess I’m technically counting a Brian twice, because one of the Karate Brians is also a BJJ Brian. At the dojo, I can’t even call him “Brian G.”, because there’s another Brian G. there, so I just call him by his last name “Giles”, or his nickname “Brian Jack”. The other Brians at Lincoln BJJ Center (that I know of, there might even be more, because we have so many new white belts!) are Air Force Brian, Barber Brian, and Body-Triangle Brian.

According to Wikipedia, the name Brian can either mean “noble” or “maggot”, and Urban Dictionary says “Brian generally has no enemies, but at times is intensely disliked by his friends.” Hmmmm…sounds about right!

I wouldn’t be so concerned about the over-abundance of Brians, but if you flip the “i” and “a” in “Brian”, you get “brain”, and I’m a little worried that during the Impending Zombie Apocalypse, the walkers are going to think we have a lot of brains instead of brians, so I fear for my safety! Oh well, we would probably be in danger anyway, because there do seem to be a lot of brains in the martial arts, too.

“He had arms… and legs… and hands… and feet, this boy… whose name was ‘Brian’.”

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