Hair of the Dog

After an exhausting competition class at Lincoln BJJ on Saturday, and then a grueling Ethridge rolling class at the SRSK dojo on Sunday, at the moment I kind of feel like I got in a fight with a steamroller, and needless to say, the steamroller won. Too bad it wasn’t Mannheim Steamroller, because I’m pretty sure I could take those old dudes!

Before Ethridge class yesterday, I told my husband he wasn’t allowed to submit me, and he said something to the effect of “Try and stop me.”, which I did, for the most part. I only remember him tapping me out two times in total, but it was a lot of work to keep holding him off!

This day sucks so much even sucking sucks!At one point when we were rolling, Joe asked me if I was cussing at him, and I said “No, I’m just grumbling because everything hurts.” (but I did also want to cuss at him!). It doesn’t help that it feels like it’s -25 degrees in Nebraska right now, and the cold makes all the little aches and pains worse! I don’t usually feel (or act ;) my age, but gettting prepared to compete again has me wondering how long it’s going to be until the day comes when I add “competing in BJJ against people who are half my age” to my “Murtaugh List” of shit I’m too old for.

Thankfully that day is not today, and even though they closed the public schools simply because it’s too damn cold outside, I’m still going to Lincoln BJJ tonight and getting steamrolled again. After all, the best cure for a Jiu-Jitsu hangover is more Jiu-Jitsu…the hair of the dog that bit you!

“Heart breaker, soul shaker, I’ve been told about you.
Steamroller, midnight stroller, what they’ve been saying must be true.” -Nazareth


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