If you think I talk about Jiu-Jitsu a lot on this blog, you should try living with me! Last night when I was making dinner, my husband asked if I’d gone to Lincoln BJJ and “gotten beat up”, and my daughter told him I had. Then Joe said “It’s hard to tell, because she’s not babbling incessantly about Jiu-Jitsu.”, and Skyler responded “She does that even when she doesn’t go to class.” Then shortly afterward, Joe mentioned a topic that was not at all martial arts related, and I said “Hey, that reminds me of something that happened during open mat today…”, and they both started laughing at me!

stfuI’m just glad my family knows enough about Jiu-Jitsu to understand most of what I’m talking about, although I suspect that they tune out at least half of it. Hey, that reminds me of something that happened during open mat yesterday…one of the white belts said that when people coach him while he’s rolling, it sounds like “Blah blah blah blah blah.”

I can’t say that my family completely understands my BJJ obsession, but I’m fortunate that they not only put up with it, but are also incredibly supportive. My husband actually encourages me to go to class as often as I can, because he knows that it makes me happy, even though he also knows that it means he will have to listen to me babble incessantly about it, and then he’ll have to read about half of it again on this blog. Hey, that reminds me…I have to go, because it’s almost time for Jiu-Jitsu class!


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