Precious medals!

Lincoln Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center made an awesome showing at it’s debut in the local tournament scene!  We had five competitors who entered the Victory Grappling Championship yesterday, and they took home five gold, four silver, and two bronze medals, as well as the trophy for the white belt gi absolute. Everyone represented the school well, they all earned precious medals, and I was happy that there were so many submissions. Our guys pulled off a loop choke, north-south choke, lion killers, several guillotines and heels hooks…among others!

I kind of wished I had signed up to compete, but one of the upsides of just being a spectator was that I got to spend some time with the other people who were watching the tournament; the parents, significant others, and friends, who were there to support the ones they love. They are all part of the Lincoln BJJ family, and it was nice to be able to hang out with them. We were super proud of Jerad, Mike, Henry, Mo and Brian!

A downside of being a spectator yesterday is I was a bit disappointed that I had to pay a $10 fee, but then I had a hard time actually spectating some of the matches, especially during the gi divisions, because people on the floor kept standing in the way. It got better later on, but I feel like I missed half of what happened. The venue was also an ice rink (yeah, brrrrr!), so there was a partition of glass and netting between the spectators and the competitors, which made me feel detached from my bros who were competing, since it was hard to talk to them through the glass, and they seemed so far away. When Henry forgot his mouthguard, it would have taken him too long to get back to the stands to get it, so Joe had to toss it twenty feet in the air to get it over the glass and net!

Otherwise, the atmosphere at the tournament was great, and they kept it moving right along. Watching my brothers compete yesterday made me feel more confident about my own re-entry into competition. It’s not like I didn’t already know that Greg is a talented teacher, and that I’m getting fantastic training at LBJJC, but seeing my Lincoln BJJ teammates in action made me realize that if I just relax and trust in what I know, I should be fine!

David & MikeJerad Brian Mo Ken Henry MikeHenryPrecious medals!   Through the glass


2 comments on “Precious medals!

  1. nice pics, Gina. i’m glad I entered. I wasn’t feeling too confident, but it was a good experience. you better sign up for the next one. by the way, what’s a lion killer?

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