Tournament Time

The Victory Grappling Championship takes place this Saturday, and although some of my teammates have entered and I plan to go support them, I decided that I’m not going to compete in it. The fact that I’m still sick and I don’t feel ready for competition was part of it, but the main reason I decided not to sign up is because I found out about another local tournament coming up on January 18th, the Circle of Iron Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships.

I knew I couldn’t enter both tournaments, and since the timing is better for me on the second one, I decided I would rather do that one. It’s a gi-only BJJ tournament, which is what I mainly want to focus on right now. They have some nice prizes, like cash money and Fuji gis, but what I really like is that it’s double-elimination, so there’s no chance of paying an entry fee just to lose the first match and be done. In addition, my Jiu-Jitsu bro and former teammate, David “Danger” Kluthe, competed at the last Circle of Iron, and he had good things to say about it.

After I had already made my decision about which tournament I wanted to do, but had not yet signed up (because I was still wavering about whether I really even wanted to compete at all!), the staff at Circle of Iron BJJ (who I do not know) contacted me and offered a reduced entry rate if I would be willing to help spread the word about the tournament. I was already planning to do that even if I didn’t compete, so I figured it was a win-win situation, because now I have more incentive to enter (instead of chicken out!), because the low-cost entry fee is just too good to pass up. So, it looks like I’ll be competing in the Circle of Iron BJJ Championships in January, but just because they gave me a reduced rate, if I think the tournament sucks, I will say so. ;)

The event is at the Omaha Salvation Army Kroc Center, 2825 Y St., on Jan. 18th, 2014. Weigh-ins start at 8:30am, matches at 10am. The early bird entry fee (available until Dec. 31st) for kids and adults is $40 ($50 w/ open weight division), and after that it goes up by $20. There’s no charge for spectators, but please don’t come and watch me compete, because it will make me even more nervous!


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