Pretty in Pink

"You got four guys all fighting over who's gonna be Mr. Black. No way. I pick. You're Mr. Pink."Last week when I was so sick I couldn’t train, to cheer myself up I colored a stripe of my hair magenta, which as a licensed cosmetologist, I am fully qualified to do. I knew the color would bleed (which is why I didn’t do my entire head), but I really didn’t think that after a week of repeated washings, it would stain pink polka dots all over The Professor’s brand new white gi when we rolled! Oops.

I guess I should’ve worn some type of hair covering when I grappled with people who were wearing white gis, because I also got some pink on Jerad (but not nearly as bad as I did on Greg). You know, it’s actually Greg’s fault, because if he hadn’t made me sweat so much yesterday, my hair wouldn’t have bled, and since he and Jerad both bow and arrow choked me when I rolled with them, maybe I don’t feel so bad about pinking their gis! I’m kidding, I actually feel terrible about it, and although I’m pretty sure the color will wash out, to prevent it from happening again, I bleached the stripe in my hair, so it shouldn’t bleed like that anymore.

Thankfully, everyone else in the advanced class yesterday was wearing a black gi. I didn’t get any color on my own white gi, but that wouldn’t have been so bad, because I’m probably the only person at Lincoln BJJ who wouldn’t mind a pretty pink polka dotted gi!


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