Higher Ground

Amy let me decide what we worked on in Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday, and I chose sweeps from guard, because I’ve been focusing more on my defense lately, so I wanted to do some offense. She was surprised I didn’t chose subs from guard, and while I do enjoy submitting people from my guard, sometimes I need to get to higher ground! I figured working on guard sweeps would also give me a chance to practice passing guard when I was on the defensive side, which is another thing I’ve recently been trying to improve.

One of the sweeps we worked on was the scissor sweep, and I was surprised that Joe didn’t remember it, because he’s usually good at absorbing and retaining techniques, even though he doesn’t get much repetition. So, instead of doing full-resistance positional grappling the entire class yesterday (as we often do), Amy had us spend some time just drilling the sweeps.

When we did the timed grappling with resistance and submissions, I thought I did okay against Joe, because it wasn’t completely one-sided (as it often is). I was able to pass his guard a few times without getting swept or subbed, and I swept him at least once. I wasn’t able to submit him, but I believe he only tapped me out twice. The last one was during our “final death match”, and it was with some kind of weird backwards omoplata that none of us thought was really going to work, but did. That’s Joe-Jitsu for you, he’s always submitting me with things that probably exist but I’ve never seen before, and he certainly hasn’t been taught!

“Gonna keep on tryin’, til I reach the highest ground.” -Stevie Wonder


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