It was a small advanced class at Lincoln BJJ last night, with Mike, Adam, Robert, and myself as the only students. Robert has a pro MMA fight coming up, so Greg tailored the class to him, but still stayed within this week’s theme of “escapes”. Apparently the guy Robert will be fighting likes to guillotine people, so it was all about escaping a guillotine; from standing against the wall, from a double-leg takedown, and from guard. Yeah, my neck hurts!

Seasons BeatingsIn keeping with the MMA theme, we took off our gi tops for class. One of the hardest things for me was that we were supposed to be playing by no-gi rules, but because we were still wearing gi pants, I kept wanting to grab them. A couple of times I even had to remind myself, out loud, “Don’t grab the pants!”.

The grappling portion of class was also different. Instead of trading partners, we rolled with the same person for about 30 minutes, taking 20 second breaks every 5 minutes, so it was more like an MMA match. Rojas rolled with The Hulk, and Mike and I rolled. I thought that not getting submitted by Mike was hard enough in gi, but it’s even harder in no-gi, mainly because he’s allowed to footlock me! I don’t know how many times he subbed me, but I remember a few footlocks, a kneebar, a twister, and a banana split. However, he did not bow and arrow, RNC, or even guillotine me! I also scored a reversal from side control, which I’ve never done against Mike, and he told me he had to work for those subs!

Since I don’t train much no-gi (and only in the beginner class), I don’t have a lot of practice defending footlocks, so I told Mike he should keep footlocking me until I figured out how to stop it (as I seem to be doing lately with bow and arrow and rear naked chokes!). I’m a slow learner, and I guess I can’t be told what to do, I have to be beat with it, repeatedly, for it to sink in. I’m just glad it wasn’t actually MMA training yesterday, because My Mentor Mike probably hits harder than I do, too!


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