Not today!

I’m pretty sure that every time I’ve ever rolled with The Professor, it has ended with him on my back. It’s always the same, he works his way up through the positions and when he gets to back mount, he chokes me. The particular techniques he uses vary (depending on what I do) but even when I know exactly what’s going to happen, I can’t stop it. All I can really do is delay the inevitable.

You want to bow and arrow me? Not today!I suppose one thing that I was able to do when I was rolling with Greg in the advanced BJJ class yesterday is to chose the lesser of two evils. For example, when he had my back and he attempted to put me face-down on the mat (like last Monday), I didn’t let him (unlike last Monday!).

Also, when he kept trying to trap my arm with his leg so he could bow and arrow me (which both he and Mike seem to be quite fond of doing lately), I was like “Not today!”, and he couldn’t get it! He had to settle for a rear naked choke instead (although I did try a hail mary on that, and I actually delayed it for a little while, but not nearly long enough for time to run out before he submitted me).

I know that every time I get submitted by Greg (or anyone else for that matter), even though it doesn’t always seem like I’m getting any better, I am. My body is figuring things out that my mind isn’t even aware of yet! I’m able to identify threats sooner, my reflexes are getting faster, and if nothing else, I’m learning what not to do.

Someday I hope to walk out of class after rolling with Greg and be able to say “I didn’t get choked!” or “I didn’t get my back taken!”, but even the smallest of victories, such as an RNC instead of a bow and arrow, means that I’m improving. There are some things that I just have to learn by getting my ass kicked! By the way, did someone declare November “Bow and Arrow Choke Ginger Month” and forget to tell me?


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