Dazed and Confused

I’m not sure if I went to BJJ class or a rave last night! First of all in the kids’ class, there was Brooklyn’s misunderstanding of the term “knee on belly” to be “neon belly”, which sounds like a name of a techno band! Then at the beginning of the positional grappling from back mount in the adult advanced class, I didn’t tap soon enough to Mike’s choke, and it was like “Hey, when did you guys put a strobe light in here?!”. Due to almost being choked out, I spent the last half of class grappling in a somewhat altered state of consciousness.

Ginger and Brooklyn, aka The Neon Bellies!

I don’t normally remember everything that happens when I’m rolling, but because I was dazed and confused yesterday, I only remember flashes. I think I was a lot more vocal than normal, and I know that later on when I was rolling with Mike again and he tried to put me in a bow and arrow choke (which I believe is the same choke I almost passed out to earlier in class, but it might’ve been a lion killer, I’m not really sure) I emphatically said “No, no, no!”. Mike must have thought “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.”, because he choked me anyway! However, I tapped quickly enough that time.

I’m usually good about fighting chokes until the last second, but knowing when to tap, and not being too stubborn, so I don’t know what went wrong yesterday, and it left me feeling a little loopy and shaky, even after class was over. From the flashes that I do remember, I don’t believe it hurt my grappling too much, and it might have even helped in some ways, because I wasn’t over-thinking (but I wouldn’t recommend it ;).

On a more serious note, I have been choked fully unconscious once, but it was voluntary and intentional, done by a trained policeman-turned-firefighter, for the purpose of demonstration during a self-defense class at the SRSK dojo. Apparently, I had a slight seizure when I went out that time, so it’s not something I’d like to repeat.

“Lots of people talking, few of them know, soul of a woman ginger was created below.” -Led Zeppelin


4 comments on “Dazed and Confused

  1. I loathe those bow-and-arrow chokes, and one of the reasons I loathe them is that it’s mechanically difficult to tap. Often neither of your hands is anywhere near the opponent, and your throat is being crushed and your air cut off, so you can’t verbally tap either.

    • Mike said he was wondering why I hadn’t tapped yet, but since I was still breathing, he figured I was okay. :) I think I tapped the mat, and he immediately let go.

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