Walking on Sunshine

Have I mentioned lately that I freaking love Jiu-Jitsu? I really really do! I love it so much that even though my first roll in the advanced class yesterday ended with me face-down on the mat, arms and legs outstretched, with Greg on my back and hooks in (which is one of the worst positions you could ever possibly be in), I still feel like it was one of the best days I’ve recently had in BJJ!

My final roll of the night (against a three-stripe white belt) ended with me mounted on top, which was a much better finish than my first roll! I’m just happy because, win or lose, I can tell that things are coming together for me. I’m able to see, feel, understand, and execute everything a little better each day. It’s rewarding to know that my hard work is actually paying off.

After I rolled with Mike yesterday, he said that my defense is definitely improving, then at the end of class The Professor told me he was happy with what he saw when I was rolling. I said “I’m getting better.”, and Greg responded “Yes, you are.” Could someone please just kill me now so I die happy? :-)


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