Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Witchy WomanI was sad that I had to miss the kid and adult classes at Lincoln BJJ yesterday, but it was for a good reason. I was helping my husband with the kids’ class/Halloween party at the dojo. This is the third year that the Ethridges have held a dojo Halloween bash, and it keeps getting bigger and better every year! We had about twenty-five kids in attendance yesterday, plus Sensei Gorman and Sensei Hall also joined in the fun. We even had a Wild Thing, because Sensei Leon is in town visiting, so he was there, too. Since Leon kept calling me Glenda, I guess he thought I was a good witch. Silly Wild Thing!

We worked on some self-defense with the kids (so the bullies won’t beat them up and take their candy tonight!), then we had a yelling contest, tossed a snake across the room, took a trip through a haunted obstacle course, bobbed for apples, and ate some candy. Those are the things of which great memories were made!

Halloween kids' class


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