Only three for no-gi?

I thought the no-gi class that started a few weeks ago on Sunday afternoons at Lincoln BJJ was going to be a popular class, because it’s the first beginner no-gi class on the schedule, but there have only been about five people at each class, and over half of them haven’t even been beginners! It’s always seemed to me like there were generally more people around here who were interested in no-gi than gi, judging by the turn-out at local tournaments, but I guess most of our white belts don’t want to do no-gi, or at least not yet. It took me awhile to warm up to the idea myself, so if that’s the case, I understand.

The no-gi class yesterday was the smallest class I’ve been to yet at LBJJC. I actually considered not going, because my back is still being a little troublesome, but I’m glad I decided to go, because otherwise it would’ve just been Conan and Jordan, and Conan couldn’t even do a whole lot, because he’s still nursing an injury himself! Luckily, my back allowed me to participate in the entire class without being too much of pain, and it even feels well enough today that I’m planning to go to class tonight.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Me, Conan, and Jordan

Yesterday we worked on a Dean Lister guard break and a no arm D’arce, and I was selfishly glad it was a small class, because Conan was able to spend a lot of time trying to help me understand the nuances of the techniques, but I felt bad for Jordan, because he had to be my partner! It doesn’t happen to me nearly as often as it used to, but sometimes trying to learn Jiu-Jitsu still makes me feel stupid, because my brain can’t seem to figure out what I’m supposed to do. At one point yesterday, Conan joked that he could see steam coming from my head as I was trying to understand what he was explaining! I believe I was over-thinking, and therefore making things harder than they actually were. Conan pointed out that these were not beginner techniques we were doing, and I said “Well, we’re not beginners.”, but I felt like one yesterday, and I guess I kind of am in no-gi.

So, white belts, it’s fine with me if you just stay away from the beginner no-gi classes for awhile, and let me keep getting some more personalized, in-depth training! Just make sure you don’t wait too long before you show up, or otherwise I might just have enough time to figure this no-gi stuff out, and then use it against you. ;)


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