Step on a crack…

Isn’t it funny how you can train hard, repeatedly pushing your body to it’s limits, and not have any issues (other than extreme soreness), then you end up injuring yourself while doing some menial task? My back has been sore for a few weeks, but I’ve been training as usual with no real problems, then yesterday while getting groceries out of my Jeep, I pulled a muscle in my back! My husband said it was because I moved in a “non-Jiu-Jitsu manner”, and if I had gotten the groceries out as if I was doing BJJ, then it wouldn’t have happened. Well, I don’t usually pick people up in BJJ, I take them down!

Step on a line, your momma's spine will be fine!I’ve actually been fairly lucky in the injury department lately. I’ve only had minor bruises, strains, and pains since I started training at Lincoln BJJ, except for the random stitches in my face, and even that only caused me to lose a single week of training. Yesterday, I thought I was still going to go to the advanced Jiu-Jitsu class (despite the fact that it hurts to breathe) but after I went to the kids’ class to work with Brooklyn, my back said “Stop it, fool!”, so I went home. Hopefully my daughter will not step on any more cracks in the near future, and my back will heal quickly!


2 comments on “Step on a crack…

  1. haha he’s actually right. You have to pick things up as if you were on the mat. Heck, you have to do everything like you’re training jiu-jitsu. Proper posture and use your legs, not your back.
    Anyways, I hope your back feels better soon!

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