Wanna roll?One thing that I believe has made a significant difference in my Jiu-Jitsu training since the move to Lincoln BJJ Center six months ago is the fact that the amount of rolling I do has greatly increased. It’s not just because we generally do more rolling during class at LBJJC, but also because Greg assigns all of our rolls, so I always have a partner.

For the four years of my training back at the dojo, we chose our own partners for grappling, and as I wrote a couple of years ago in “Do you wanna roll?”, being a stupidly shy person, I had a difficult time asking people to roll with me. I was convinced that no one wanted to, and since people rarely asked me to roll, I was often left out. Some days I would be lucky to roll for a total of fifteen minutes out of thirty, because you can’t roll by yourself.

Now during class at Lincoln BJJ, sometimes I will grapple for almost an hour straight! I don’t have to worry about asking anyone to roll, and I don’t always end up rolling with the same few people. Even if someone doesn’t want to roll with me, they can’t say no, because they have to do what The Prof tells them! The funny thing is, I believe after being “forced” to grapple with me, most people actually realize it’s not so bad, and they have more respect.

The simple change of having my rolls assigned by Greg has improved my training in so many ways. It’s hard to progress in Jiu-Jitsu if you’re not grappling enough, and it’s nice that I don’t have to be neurotic about it anymore. I’m not saying I always want to roll with the partners I’m assigned, but anything beats the hell out of sitting there watching everyone else roll! Greg once described the grappling portion of class at the dojo as “chaos”, and sometimes I felt like I was lost in it, so I’m glad to now have his “order” to follow.


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