Why I bought an X-Guard gi (Bienvenido a Miami!)

I’ve been contemplating purchasing a new Jiu-Jitsu gi for a couple of months, and after much consideration, I decided to get an X-Guard Brand gi, because it had everything I was looking for, at a less expensive price than other comparable gis. Some of my specific preferences included:

  • Good quality. The most important thing to me is how a gi will hold up.
  • A cord drawstring and double belt loops on the pants. They stay on better during class, and taking them off is much easier. With my other gis, sometimes I just want to wear my gi pants home, because undoing the drawstring when my pants are soaked with sweat is next to impossible!
  • No external patches. I don’t like being all patched up, it makes me feel like a Nascar driver. I would prefer to customize my gi with my own patches.

In addition, since the guy who owns X-Guard Brand used to train with my BJJ instructor Greg at Tinguinha’s, I figure he’s family, so I wanted to support him. Also, I really like the letter “X”, and I’m a big fan of “guard” (however I’m not very good with “X-guard” ;). Plus, I like to be different, and no one else I train with has an X-Guard gi!

I bought one of the Premium Standard gis in white, because I guess I’m really a traditionalist at heart, but it has red stitching, so it indulges my wild side a little bit, too! I might’ve also gotten that gi because it’s called “Miami”, which I’ve had a soft spot for since back when I was a para-educator with Head Start. English was a second language for many of the kids in our classes, and there was one little Kurdish girl who had just recently arrived in the U.S., so she spoke almost no English. One day she came up to me all excited, and in perfect English she said “Welcome to Miami!” (which she had learned from listening to Will Smith :).

I paid $110 for the gi, shipping was free, and it arrived two days after I ordered it. To my surprise, it also came with two free pair of shorts! Unfortunately they’re men’s shorts, and one pair is too big, while the other pair has a velcro pouch for a cup, which I don’t need. When I tried them on, the pouch made me look like I had the opposite of a camel toe, as in a camel hump! That’s okay, I appreciated the free gift anyway, and I gave the shorts away to people who could use them.

I got an A1 (unisex size) and it fits really well (but I don’t like my gi to be super tight). I’ve only worn it a couple of times so far, but it’s comfortable, and I don’t have to readjust it all of the time. The outside of the gi isn’t as soft as some I’ve felt, but that’s fine with me (because I won’t be the one touching it! ;). It seems like it’s going to be durable, and so far, I am completely satisfied with my purchase!


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