New normal

After 2 hours and 20 minutes of Jiu-Jitsu yesterday…

Joe: How are you feeling?

Me: Everything hurts, but I guess that’s just normal now.

Who has two thumbs and is too sore to point them at herself? This Ginger! I went to the kids’ BJJ class to work with Brooklyn again yesterday, and even though it’s a class for kids, we still do a shorter version of all of the same exercises (however the rolling is much easier!). Then I stayed for the adult advanced class right afterward, which culminated in ten four-minute rolls.

Hole to ChinaI don’t even remember most of what happened during the advanced grappling, it was just a whirlwind of domination and pain. I know that when Robert had me in side control, I couldn’t get out, and it hurt so much that I was trying to figure out how I could dig a hole through the mat so I could escape to China!

Since there were only six of us, the ten rolls meant that everyone rolled with everyone, twice. Unusually, Mike wasn’t there yesterday, so everyone except The Professor was a lot bigger than me. Towards the end I thought we were done, but then I realized I hadn’t yet rolled with Adam. Yeah, that’s great, save The Incredible Hulk for last! Thankfully, he was kind of tired at that point, too. ;)

The bright side is that when I go to the beginner class tonight, which is only an hour, it’s probably going to seem like the easiest class ever! It’ll be like “Wow, it’s over already!” It might be so easy that in order to replicate the conditions of my new normal, I’ll have to throw myself under a bus afterward, which is what I feel like happened to me yesterday! Five buses, to be exact.


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