Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)

In the advanced BJJ class, where I often feel as though defeat is inevitable, I sometimes give up too soon, and that was driven home to me at one point during king of the mat yesterday. We were working on standing guard passes, so I got knee gi grips, and I tried to pass with toreando a couple of times, but I was unsuccessful. Then I completely let go of my grips, and I backed away. From behind me I heard something to the effect of “What are you doing, why did you let go?! You had grips, why didn’t you pass?!”, and I said “I tried.” which was met with “Well, try again!” So I did, and that time I passed! Then I heard “Don’t take four steps and tell me that you tried.”

I definitely tried harder that last time, which is probably why it worked. I think I’m more likely to give up on an offensive technique then when I’m on defense, but sometimes I still accept bad positions when I shouldn’t. Even if it is inevitable, even when I’m fighting with someone who I realistically have no chance of defeating, I should make that mofo work as hard as I can for it, and keep them on their toes the whole time!

All in all, it was quite an advanced class at Lincoln BJJ yesterday. We did some takedown king of the mat before our regular king of the mat, and I actually managed to be queen for a few minutes! I scored a double-leg takedown on my 178 pound opponent (who, btw, is a Judo brown belt!) He tried to roll me over when we hit the mat, but I just continued the momentum, and ended up on top.

I also had the pleasure/pain of rolling with The Barbarian twice yesterday, because we grappled a little bit before class. It started out with Conan flopping on the mat and letting me have side control, from which I managed to get knee on belly, and then transition to mount. After that I made a valiant effort to take his back, I even got my hooks in, but he decided he would let me see what it feels like to be a human backpack, so he grabbed both of my arms and stood up. Then he proceeded to walk around the mat with me hanging off of him, and since he was controlling my arms, I felt pretty helpless! Our roll at the end of class didn’t go any better, so I guess I need to put a couple more pins in his voodoo doll.

Ginger VoodooSo, the main lessons I learned in Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday:

  • When I am going to give up too soon, or not try hard enough, make sure The Professor isn’t watching.
  • Taking down Judo brown belts is easy if you grab their legs.
  • Conan is so afraid I’m going to submit him that he has to resort to drastic measures to prevent it.

I kid, I’m a kidder! What I really learned is that sometimes I need to try just a little bit harder.

“Well, I’m gonna try, yeah, just a little bit harder.
So I won’t lose, lose, lose him to nobody else.” -Janis Joplin


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