Little Things

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”  -John WoodenBefore I started training at Lincoln BJJ Center, it seems like my brain only had a rough sketch of most of the things that I thought I knew. The techniques were recognizable, the parts were basically there, but there wasn’t a lot of definition to them, they were fuzzy. I don’t know if I started seeing the details more clearly because of the change in my training, or simply because I’d reached a point where I was finally able to understand them, but all the little things I’ve been learning lately have added up to a big difference.

Sometimes all the details can seem confusing, or even unnecessary, if you don’t really understand their purpose. I used to be overwhelmed by the details, but when I can figure out why it’s important to do things a certain way, it helps me to retain the information. Since I can’t get away with muscling through things, the details make all the difference in the world for me. For instance, I was never able to hold people in knee on belly, until last month, when I was taught to change my grip from the shoulder to the hip, so my opponent can’t turn in. Now it’s like a whole new position to me, and I’ve been having some success with it!

The importance of the little things becomes apparent when I refine the details and then I find that I can actually make techniques work, even on bigger, stronger people. “Cheating” the details may work sometimes against those with less experience, but the higher level students won’t let me get away with that. As Conan would say “Force your opponent to have perfect technique.”

I know there are still many details I have yet to see or understand, and there will be adjustments that I’ll continue to make. I will be polishing my techniques for the rest of my days, but it feels pretty good that I finally have a somewhat solid base from which to build. Before I could start refining, I needed to have that rough sketch in my head, and it took me a long time to draw it, so I’m glad it’s finally starting to resemble something, a little at a time.

“It’s the little things that kill.” -Bush


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