Run the World (Girls)

I have rolled with a woman exactly one time in the four months since I started training at Lincoln BJJ Center, and before that it had been a year (which was at the last comp I did). In the vast majority of BJJ classes I attend, I am the only female there. I get jealous when I see pictures from other schools, and there are almost as many women as men. That would be delightful!

I don’t think it’s just the places where I’ve trained, it seems as though there still aren’t very many women training Jiu-Jitsu in Nebraska, especially not in Lincoln. Even most of the women I’ve competed against haven’t been from NE, they’ve been from Iowa, Missouri, or Kansas. I guess since we are smack dab in the middle of the country, “trends” take longer to reach us, so maybe our time has yet to come.

I don’t want more women to do BJJ because I, personally, want to work with them (although it would be nice once in awhile!). I simply want more women to discover the love of Jiu-Jitsu, like I have. What it has done for me is tremendous, and I want my sisters to experience what it can do for them.

Part of my reason for starting this blog in the first place was because I wanted to attract women (locally or otherwise) into training Jiu-Jitsu, and on that front I feel like it’s been a big, fat fail. However, I’m not giving up, and someday I hope Nebraska, and the world, will be full of female grapplers. I think things will improve at LBJJC after the kid’s classes start, because we do seem to have a few girls in NE who like grappling, and they truly are the future.

“This goes out to all the women getting it in, you’re on your grind.
To other men that respect what I do, please accept my shine.” -Beyonce


7 comments on “Run the World (Girls)

  1. The only challenge I have is the distance and coordinating with SLE’s travel schedule. When he’s gone, I have to stay with the kids. I do think introducing kids’ classes might actually attract more women, but those classes need to dove-tail the kids’ class to make it work. If I knew I could get there on Thursday for a 6:00 class and my kids could do one right before mine, I could make that work. We wouldn’t get home too terribly late. The kids’ classes either run too early (so, we can’t make it in time) or too late, and my kids don’t get enough sleep for school. I don’t know about women in Lincoln. If I still lived in Lincoln, I’d be there in a heartbeat. I can’t wait to get back to Hapkido training. And, I know I can train Jiujitsu with Josh on the same day. Just a few more months …

    • I do know another Nebraska woman who trains, but she doesn’t live in Lincoln, either, and I know that makes it difficult. Thanks for the input about the kids’ classes, hopefully the schedule will work out well for you, and any other mothers who might be interested in training. My daughter is the one who got me started in Karate, so I’m hoping things will take off more if we can get some families in there. :-)

  2. We just started a women’s and kids BJJ class at my gym. The BJJ program is very new at this school so I think it’s really cool that the head coach is very much behind getting more women into the sport.

    What we do is have two instructors, the head instructor for the kids and me for the women. We’ve got two mat areas so after we warm up as a group we split up and work on different things.

    We’ve only run the class for a very short time but we do have 6 regular ladies. It’s so cool.

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