Old home week

Since my friend Karin is in town and training at the dojo, I asked for and received permission from Shihan to go to the Jiu-Jitsu class with her yesterday. It was just Ken, Karin, and I at first, then towards the end Sensei Brad (the Karate Dai Sempai!) joined us. Training with them was just like old times, except we were doing Jiu-Jitsu instead of Karate.

As I was trying to help Karin with some of the techniques, I realized how much more I know about Jiu-Jitsu than I did the last time I worked with her on it, which was about a year ago. I also remembered what it was like to be in the position of knowing relatively nothing, when all of the details seem overwhelming. In the beginning I didn’t understand half of the things people were trying to tell me, and I couldn’t figure out how to move my body in those strange ways. Karin is a very strong, athletic woman, but Jiu-Jitsu requires a unique skill set, one that is as much about training your mind as your body, and which can only be gained through time.

It was cool that Ken was adding in things from our Karate training, to make it have more of a self-defense focus. Even when we worked on throwing (Sukui-nage?), we did it from the position of your opponent having you in a headlock. Hopefully that made things a little more relatable for Karin. I really enjoyed working with her yesterday, but I’m not sure if she had as much fun as I did.

During our class, my knee got twisted and tweaked a little bit, and that led to me skipping out on the Kobudo class afterward, which I had intended to go to with Karin. I was just going to go home at that point, but I actually ended up driving over to LBJJC. I did the warm-ups, but then I just watched the rest of class, because I didn’t want to push it with my knee. I knew I was going to be hard for me to watch and not participate, but since Wednesday was the only other day I was able to make it to BJJ this week, and only attending one class was not enough for me, I figured watching another class would be better than nothing. I was right, I’m glad I went.

Happily, my knee feels much better today, it’s just a little sore, which is a good thing, because I’m supposed to go to Karate with Karin today and tomorrow. Yes, after just writing a post saying I was taking a break from Karate, I’m going to train it. Karin was willing to do Jiu-Jitsu with me, so the least I can do is train Karate with her. Besides, we get to spar on Saturday, and it has been far too long since Karin kicked my ass!


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