Love Her Madly

Gina & KarinMy Karate sister Karin flew into town yesterday, and I picked her up at the airport. The Lincoln airport is really small, so I don’t know how Karin and I missed each other when she disembarked, but we did. I was anxiously waiting upstairs when she texted me saying she was at baggage claim, and she asked where I was. I went over to the railing and looked down, and I was so happy to see her standing there smiling up at me.

I quickly jumped on the escalator, but the darn thing seemed to be moving incredibly slowly. I wanted to just run down, but there were people standing in front of me, and I thought it might be a little rude to push them and say “Out of my way, Karin is waiting!”. So, I looked down at her and pretended like I was going to jump off the side of the escalator, and she held her arms up as if to say she would catch me. With all the rippling muscles she has, she very well could have!

When the escalator finally got to the bottom, I ran over and threw my arms around her, and we both started bawling. We were just standing there for a couple of minutes, hugging and crying, but I suppose the airport is used to that. At least they were happy tears, for an arrival not a departure, I don’t like taking Karin to the airport when she leaves. Yet I know that no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, when we’re together it’s like no time has passed at all, we have a bond that never fades.

Karin means so much to me that I even cried while writing this. I also cry every time I hear “Here Comes the Rain Again”, because she once serenaded me with it, and now I’m probably going to cry whenever I hear “Mercedes Benz”, after Karin and I did an a capella duet of it in the car yesterday! I miss her so much since she moved away. Everything about her sparkles, and being around her makes me feel like the air is lighter. I’ve never known anyone else like Karin, and meeting her changed my life. I probably would not have stayed in Karate if not for her, and if I had quit Karate, I never would’ve ended up in BJJ. She has been the single most important person I’ve met on my martial arts journey, and I love her madly.

“Don’t you love her as she’s walkin’ out the door.” -The Doors


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