Good Times, Bad Times

Not including Greg (the teacher) there were only six of us in the advanced BJJ class last night (which is the smallest class I’ve been to at LBJJC!). So, during the grappling portion of class, everybody rolled with everybody. Not all at once, I definitely would’ve been the biggest loser in that scenario!

I’m always impressed when my BJJ bro Josh writes on his blog about rolling, and he can remember so many of the details. I remember the technique portion of class well, and I can remember some of my rolls better than others (possibly due to my level of relaxation?) but I’m usually lucky to remember half of what happened in a roll five minutes after it’s over, especially in the advanced class, where I typically have several rolls, and sometimes they all start to blend together.

I seem to remember the things I screw up more often than the things I do right, and I’m reminded of once reading on Kitsune’s blog that someone told her he thought she only remembered the bad things that happened when she was rolling. Well, those are the things we need to fix, so it’s good to remember them! However, today I decided to actually try to remember some positive things from my rolls in the advanced class yesterday.

J (2-stripe white belt): It seems like I was doing well against him at first, I know I had him in spider guard for awhile, but I don’t remember much good coming from it. What I mostly remember is that he submitted me with only ten seconds left of our roll! It was with an armbar that started out as a failed triangle.

M (blue belt): Round and round they go, where they stop, nobody knows! I never remember much about my rolls with M, because they are always fast and furious (little people be movin’! ;). I believe I had him in spider guard at one point, and after he passed I recall successfully defending his onslaught for awhile, then turtling, and then getting subbed with a choke, I think it was a bow and arrow.

A (blue belt, wrestler): He was taking it easy on me (by not really attacking), and I was able to sweep him when he stood up in my guard, so I got top half-guard, but I was unable to do anything with it. He eventually reversed me, but he didn’t sub me (mainly because he didn’t try ;).

R (3-stripe white belt, MMA fighter): I do remember some good things happening for me against him, maybe because I went with relentless aggression for this roll, and he didn’t expect it. I passed his guard, got side control, then knee on belly, then mount! As I was trying to submit him from mount, he reversed me, and he passed my guard fairly quickly, then we ran out of time.

C (blue belt, wrestler): He was also not attacking (I think the big wrestlers are afraid of hurting me! ;), but I still couldn’t do much against him. After using up all my aggressive energy during the previous roll, I really just wanted this one to be over, but I did still keep attempting to submit or sweep him from several forms of guard, to no avail.

Woman's hands around your throat

Or she just wants to give you a BJJ hug!

When we circled up at the end of class, R made a remark about the fact that I almost choked him, and then C said “I know, she almost choked me, too. Those little arms hurt!” The thing is, I had no idea that I had almost choked either one of them until they said that, so it made me wonder what else I might be doing that I don’t even realize! I’m sure there are other things I do correctly while I’m rolling that I don’t remember, and there are obviously things that are working better than I think they are. Remembering the bad times might help me avoid them in the future, but perhaps I should start paying more attention to the good times as well, because they’re the things I should try developing. With that in mind, note to self: more choking with my crowbar arms!


2 comments on “Good Times, Bad Times

  1. Good post Gina and thanks for the mention (although the link to my blog is broken ;) ). It often turns into a mental exercise for me trying to remember everything I blog about. I have forgotten whole rolls or I’ve even copped to forgetting what happened. In fact in my last post I was just about to submit it when I remembered one more way that Ray had submitted me and had to add it.

    Sometimes I get too deep down the rabbit hole and I feel like my writing style turns into a bunch of “and then this happened, and then that happened” so I try to be as creative as I can describing rolling. I find it’s best to just go for the highlights like you did.

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