What I did in BJJ class yesterday

LBJJCI don’t normally write very much about the technical specifics of my training, and I don’t talk about every class I attend, but I decided to give a glimpse into a typical class at Lincoln BJJ Center. The advanced class is an hour and a half, and we usually do warm-ups, work on a couple of techniques, and then grapple (which regularly comprises about half of class). We often do king of the mat before any free-rolling, and it’s specific to whatever technique we worked on that day. Once in awhile, after warm-ups we won’t work on technique at all, we’ll just grapple, and Greg always assigns our rolls. Yesterday was one of those days where we didn’t learn anything new, we just drilled hard the entire time. As Greg said “Just because you’re in the advanced class it doesn’t mean you don’t still have to work on the basics!”. So, without further ado, here is what we did in BJJ class yesterday:

Warm-ups: (the first grouping was all 2x across the mat)

Back shrimp, front shrimp, forward rolls, backward rolls, sideways rolls, clock drill (aka Homer), alligator crawl, walking breakfalls, hand-walking.

50 guard sit-ups, 40 supermans, 40 triangles, 40 bird dogs, 20 bridges, 20 bridges over shoulder, 3 sets of two-minute neck exercises.

About 6 sets of 3 fit-ins for a hip toss of your choice, throwing on 3.


30 upa escapes from mount (with underhook), alternating right and left side. 30 upa escapes from mount (with head hook), alternating sides.


8 minutes in hell; mount, back mount, side control, knee on belly.

3 five-minute rolls.


Bowing, shaking hands

I guess the title of this post is slightly misleading, because I didn’t actually do the 3 five-minute rolls at the end of class yesterday. I haven’t been feeling great for the past couple of days, and after 16 minutes in hell with Mike (even when I was on top, it was still hell! ;), I felt like vomiting, so I just laid down on the mat and watched them roll for the last fifteen minutes. Even so, it was a good class!


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