The endless quest

The Legend of Zelda For most of my life I was non-athletic, I was more like a nerd, of the Gamer Clan. My idea of a “marathon” was to play video games for forty-eight consecutive hours, and the only kind of running I used to do was away from the police in GTA (which is super easy to do, because they are really dumb!). I believe that my main (and possibly only) physical talent is excellent hand-eye coordination. Before I started training martial arts, I did spend some time kicking ass as a warrior princess…oh wait, that wasn’t real, it was just Mortal Kombat.

So, if I ever had any doubt that Lincoln BJJ Center was the right place for me (and I really didn’t, but if I did), it was quickly dissipated at the end of class one day when Greg went around the circle and had everyone say what their favorite old school Nintendo game was! I choose The Legend of Zelda. While Super Mario Brothers was also a contender, I decided to go with Zelda because it was always a greater challenge for me. It required me to use my brain more than most games at the time, or at least, to use it in a different way. Mind you, this was way back in The Dark Ages Before The Internet, and we didn’t have the ability to easily cheat and find an answer for a troublesome section of a game, so I spent many long hours trying to figure Zelda out. To this day, it is one of the only video games which I’ve ever played that I have not beaten.

I think it was very appropriate that I chose The Legend of Zelda in Jiu-Jitsu class that day, because in a lot of ways, BJJ is like Zelda to me. I can’t just rush in with guns blazing, I have to take my time, and think. No matter how long I “play”, I will never reach 100% completion in Jiu-Jitsu, there will always be more to the quest. Perhaps that’s why it intrigues me so much, and why it’s been my greatest challenge. I’ve spent way more time trying to figure out Jiu-Jitsu than anything else, and the answers don’t always come easily, but the pleasure I get from completing a difficult mission in a video game is nothing compared to the joy I feel when I learn something new in BJJ, so I am hopelessly hooked. I guess old gamers never die, sometimes they just find better addictions.


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