Rag Doll

I felt like a rag doll during adSally Finkelstein-Skellingtonvanced BJJ class last night. I was limp and lifeless, and I kept getting tossed around. During king of the mat, I was a marionette, because we were starting from spider guard, and since I never passed anyone’s guard, I never got to be queen, so I spent the whole time being controlled like a puppet on a string!

I did make it to half guard a few times, but even then I was repeatedly swept. Mike took my back, and there was a visiting blue belt from Oklahoma City named Shane who submitted me with a triangle choke. It was one of those days where it seemed like I couldn’t do anything right, but I was too hot and tired to really care. That’s the way Jiu-Jitsu goes, one day you’re a giant slayer, and another day you’re a rag doll.

After king of the mat, I rolled with Conan for nine minutes. Well actually, it was supposed to be nine minutes, but it was only about eight minutes before we both just stopped moving. Then I tried to go sit down, but Greg decided that it would be a perfect time for us to roll! It was really hard to muster up the energy to keep going, but it was actually nice because it was more of a teaching roll, and he gave me some pointers about passing spider guard. He also told me that he wants me to do the toreando pass every chance I get. I believe his exact words were “If someone lets you get grips on both their legs, you have to do it!”

I would have sat out that final roll if Greg had not urged me to keep going, and I appreciate that my teacher tries to push me beyond my self-perceived limits. I obviously could keep going, even though I felt lifeless, so I’m glad he wouldn’t let me quit. I also know that if I really couldn’t go on, he would be the first to tell me to take a break. As a reward for my efforts last night, I got some personal teaching time with him, and that was more than worth it!


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