No Quarter

LBJJ advanced class

I’ve heard that if you want to feel better about yourself, then you should train with people who don’t know as much as you, but if you want to get better, then you should train with people who know more than you, and that’s one of the reasons I like training in the advanced classes at Lincoln Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center. Even though it’s a “new” school, the advanced class is the same core group of people who I’ve been training with for the past four years, and they range in experience up to eleven years. Every single one of them is better than me, and most likely, they always will be. Although it is nice to go to the beginner class and actually be able to win sometimes, I think I learn more when I’m losing. Another reason I enjoy the advanced class is because it’s a half hour longer. Since the beginner class is only one hour, I often leave feeling somewhat unfulfilled.

So, I went to the advanced class last night, and I got my butt kicked, and I learned a lot. I’ve only been training at LBJJ for a couple of months, but I feel like I have progressed more in that time than I did in the entire year before I started there. Most of the credit can be given to our teacher, Greg Lawson, but I also know that my BJJ bros have a lot to do with it. Because we do King of the Mat in every advanced class, and Greg assigns all free rolls, I end up working with everyone at some point, and that has really enabled me to grow. I used to only roll with the same few people, or ever-changing white belts, most of the time. Now, not only do I have so many more experienced people giving me no quarter, they’ve also really been helping me learn from my mistakes.

Although I prefer the advanced class, I do think I should probably start going to more of the beginner classes, since I’m not entirely sure that I know all of the requirements for our upcoming blue belt test, which is fast approaching. Apparently, Mauricio Tinguinha himself will be flying in to test us sometime in July, as if I wasn’t nervous enough already! I want to make sure that I’m on point, especially since most of the people who I will be testing with are better than me, and I don’t want to look too stupid by comparison. Greg is an awesome teacher, and we have an great school, so I don’t want to make us look bad!


2 comments on “No Quarter

  1. I think you need to have a good mix of both. When I roll with newer people I'm trying to improve a specific thing and can work more on attacking or something that is new to me. With experienced people it's more about survival and defense. But, yeah my ego feels better after rolling with new people.

  2. Yeah, there are advantages to rolling with less talented people, too, or else none of you guys would ever want to want roll with me! ;)

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