Kung Fu Fighting

Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh, ha!After Ethridge class yesterday, we went to an open house to celebrate Amy getting her Master’s degree, and while we were there, her husband said “I guess you guys didn’t have Kung Fu class today.” Joe and I told him that we did have class, and he said “Oh, I didn’t even realize she had left and came back!” Wow, I guess Amy is a Kung Fu Ninja!

When we got home from Ethridge class, I showed Joe a tiny bruise on my hand, and I told him it was his fault. He then proceeded to take off his shirt and show me no less than three bruises that I had supposedly caused. He also had a nice gi burn near his neck, from when I tried to choke him. Kung Fu fighting is no joke!

Despite the fact that I left more visible evidence of a struggle, and I would probably be the one going to jail on domestic violence charges (if the fighting had not been consensual ;) he was definitely the “winner” of the day. Amy even let me play guard during the positional grappling (because it caused the least amount of pain to my knee), but I just couldn’t get it together yesterday. Joe was passing my guard like a hot knife through butter.

I did a little better job during our final match. I swept him a couple of times from bottom half-guard, and I even spent a decent amount of time on top. Amy was happy with the way I was transitioning and going for subs, while still retaining control of him. Finally he started to escape and there was a scramble, during which he got me in a weird armbar and I had to tap. Amy made us recreate how it happened, because she had never seen an armbar like that before, and I can’t even explain it! That’s Joe-Jitsu for you! Or should I say Joe Fu?


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