I’m so happy for my bro Ken Haddix, who won his first MMA fight last night! I wasn’t able to be there to see it, and I don’t think there is a video, but I heard that he won by armbar at 1:37 into the first round! He’s been talking about wanting to fight in MMA for a few years, and he made it happen! Woohoo!

Ken is one of my oldest dojobros, and by that I don’t mean he is old (he’s actually about four years younger than I am), I mean that he has been my bro the longest. He’s stood next to me since I began Karate, and then he started training Jiu-Jitsu shortly before I did. He’s also a brown belt in Judo, which means that he is a true mixed martial artist!

I would like to think that Ken’s victory had a little something to do with all of the sweat I’ve shared with him for the past eight years (some days in Karate class we were the only students there!) but he did this all on his own. He trains really hard, and even though he’s a little older than most people when they make their MMA debut, his dedication paid off. David Danger cornered him for the fight, unfortunately I don’t think many other people we know were there to see him win (because he didn’t give us enough notice beforehand!), but we are all very proud of him. Way to go, Ken!

Since I don’t have a video of his MMA fight, here’s one of Ken winning a Judo tournament a few years ago.

3 comments on “Victory!

  1. As my bro B.P. said "Ken's a deadly machine. No safe distance except maybe 25 ft away." Of course, the Japanese translation of "Ken", is Fist."Train Hard, Fight Hard!"Joe-Jitsu

  2. thanks, guys. i didn't talk about it too much in advance because i was afraid it wasn't going to happen. last time i tried it the whole show was cancelled. i think the dvd of the show will be available in a couple of weeks. my plan was to try and keep the fight standing and try to knock the guy out. when i saw his fist cocked back i chose to take him down. thanks to all of the people that i've trained with over the last 10 yrs. i have to give thanks to Conan. his patented sweep is what turned the match around and allowed me to gain the upper hand. Thanks again!

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