Ride the Lightning

There was one hell of a thunderstorm going on when I was driving to LBJJ tonight! It was raining buckets, and I thought I was going to float away, because so much rain was coming down that water was completely covering the road. I made it there safely, then right about the time class started, a lightning bolt hit a pole in the parking lot, and we lost power! It was epic! I’m sure we would’ve just trained in the dark, but the lights came back on a minute later.

I guess to match the intensity of the weather outside, we also had one hell of an advanced Jiu-Jitsu class! We warmed up, drilled some escapes, then the rest was all grappling. We did eight minutes in hell, and I started out on the bottom. I had to try to escape mount with Jerad, back mount with Fuji, side control with Jordan, and turtle with Ken.`Of course, for the next eight minutes, I was on top. Unfortunately for me, payback was not really a bitch, it was more like a mildly annoyed ginger.

Then Greg paired us up for six minute rolls, and my partners were Fuji, Jordan, and Patrick. Highlight: Sweeping Jordan with my new favorite sweep! I also got some nice KOB action in on him when I was on top in side control during eight minutes in hell, but in the interest of full disclosure, Jordan submitted me at least once tonight, and I did not sub him. Lowlight: Literally putting myself into an armbar for Patrick when he had me in guard. Seriously, I made that way too easy for him!

Strangely enough, I don’t feel any more sore or tired after class tonight than I normally do, so maybe I’m finally getting used to the new program. I did consciously try to conserve my energy while grappling tonight, because I knew it was going to be an intense class! I like the way Greg puts it, he says we have to learn to be “intelligently lazy”. No wasted energy…ride the lightning!


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