Dog Days are Over

Since I started training at LBJJ, I have not had a “bad day” in Jiu-Jitsu! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m suddenly awesome, as a matter of fact, the full extent of my suckiness has become even more clear to me, but now, no matter how much I struggle, every day is a good day. I believe my attitude adjustment can be attributed to the fact that the atmosphere at LBJJ is one in which I can fully relax and enjoy myself.

I didn’t go to class last night, but I know from reading Josh’s Jiu-Jitsu Journal that they worked on the toreador pass, and we continued that theme tonight, adding an adjustment if your opponent sits up and tries to block you with their arm. In that case, you drive your head into their shoulder, and pass around their legs in the opposite direction from which you were originally trying to pass. That particular technique is right up my alley, and if you’re unable to drive them back down, there’s also a chance to take their back!

After that, we did KOTM, during which I was a serf. Then Greg paired us up to roll, and I don’t know why he looked at the people who were there and thought “I will have Gina grapple with the biggest, strongest guy here.”, but at least Adam was tired from his long reign as King!  I kid, Adam is actually a great grappling partner, even though he gift wraps me, and then ties me up in a bow, every chance he gets. I did manage to sweep him once (with the standing guard sweep I learned last week, and then taught to Joe on Sunday), but I’m convinced that he let me. Adam did not submit me, but I think that’s just because he was too worn out.

My final grappling partner was Conan, and if someone had filmed our roll, I believe the title would be “Two Tired Old People”. I don’t know who he had rolled with before me, but hey, at least it wasn’t Adam! Conan also did not sub me, but I think that’s just because he didn’t think it was worth the energy.

So, basically…I’m working harder than ever before, I’m more aware of how much I don’t know, I’m getting pwned all the time…and I’ve never loved Jiu-Jitsu more than I do right now! The dog days are over…but there will be blood.

Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back.” -Florence and the Machine

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