Just the Two of Us

Mr. & Mrs. Mouse

It was even quieter during Ethridge class yesterday, because Amy wasn’t able to make it, so Joe and I had the dojo all to ourselves! I decided to just show him some of the different things I’ve recently learned at LBJJ, and he asked me if I was sure I wanted to teach him new techniques to use against me, so I told him that I was only showing them to him so I could remember them for myself, and I asked him to please try to not actually learn anything.  Unfortunately, I think I did a better job of teaching than I normally do! Seriously, I’m surprised at how well I’ve been remembering details these days, and teaching him really helps both of us.

Joe said he guessed that I didn’t want him to teach me what he had learned from Shihan at his last Jiu-Jitsu class, and without even knowing what it was, I said “No, I don’t!”. I told him that right now I just want to focus on things I learn at LBJJ, and that is true, but I also suspected that what he had learned might involve some kind of throw, which I did not want to do.

Unlike most Ethridge classes, which have a high percentage of grappling, I opted to not roll with Joe at all yesterday, we just drilled. I figured that was the safest route, since Amy wasn’t there to referee, but mostly because my knees were bothering me. Not rolling was actually a nice change of pace, I didn’t get frustrated (or tell Joe that I hated him ;) one single time!


2 comments on “Just the Two of Us

  1. We picked up our partner in a fireman's carry,ran across the Olympic sized mat, threw them like Kata Guruma, fell on them(side control,Kesa gatame etc.), and submitted them. Then we immediately got up, picked them back up and started running again…

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