With a Little Help from My Friends

I Jedi with a little help from my friendsOne thing that has changed since the move to LBJJ is that more of my Jiu-Jitsu brothers seem to be watching when I’m rolling. Normally that would freak me out, because I don’t like being watched, pretty much ever, but in this case they aren’t just watching, they’re coaching me, offering advice and encouragement. It’s awesome!

I’ve also been getting more assistance on the mistakes I make while grappling, which has been very valuable to me. I feel as though I’ve been making a lot of the same mistakes for years, but I wasn’t fully aware of it, or I didn’t know how to fix it. Having someone pointing out my errors, and telling me how to correct them, has really been helpful, and I seem to be remembering the advice better than I used to.

After I got triangled by Patrick during king of the mat yesterday, Greg pulled me aside and was offering help on what I had done wrong. He said “Your posture was…”, and I said “Terrible.” He smiled and said “Well, I wasn’t going to say that, but yes, it was terrible.” I have no problem with constructive criticism!

Sometimes my mistakes are things I know I shouldn’t do, yet when I’m grappling, I still do them. The more my errors get pointed out to me (both the ones I already know better than to do, and the ones I don’t) the more aware I will be when I’m making them, and the sooner they will be corrected. I expect that I’m going to improve at a much faster rate than in the past!


2 comments on “With a Little Help from My Friends

  1. After a certain point, I find threats to be helpful. If I remind a white belt more than 4 times that s/he needs to shrimp out IMMEDIATELY as soon as my knee touches hir belly, I tell them: "Next time, I'm going to bounce.":)

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