LBJJ for the win!

Luck o' the Irish!Yesterday on Facebook, X-Guard had a contest to win a free custom rash guard for your instructor. I don’t normally enter those kind of things, but since it was for Greg not myself, and since Ray tagged us and told us to go enter, I did, then I ended up winning! It surprised me because I never win anything (but maybe that’s partly because I usually don’t enter!).

After I won, Greg told me that he had trained at Tinguinha’s with Jo-Jo, the guy who owns X-Guard. When I contacted Jo-Jo to give him Greg’s info for the custom rash guard, he told me that he thinks Greg is a very gifted grappler…but that’s nothing I didn’t already know!

It’s pretty exciting that I won for LBJJ, especially since we haven’t even been open a week. We don’t have a logo yet, so Greg said to tell them to just put “Lincoln Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center” on the rash guard. He also said that whenever we do get a logo and a patch, I am going to get the very first one, in honor of winning the contest! I really have to give most of the credit to Ray, because I just did what he told me to.

It should be noted that Greg Lawson is a very humble guy, and he didn’t want his name on the school, which is why he decided to just call it “Lincoln BJJ”, but I think the fact that almost all of his students entered the contest to win the rash guard for him goes to show how we feel! We are all happy and proud to call him our instructor.


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