Stuck In The Middle With You

Have you ever tried to triangle choke someone while someone else was armbarring you? Well, I have, and it’s not easy! During open mat on Thursday, Conan told me to roll with one of the newer white belts, who I will call Benjamin (I didn’t say that was his name, I just said that’s what I’m going to call him), but Conan must have thought it would be more fair if he teamed up with Benjamin against me!

Conan, what is best in life?I learned from Sensei Dave in sparring class that if I have more than one attacker, I should try to use the least threatening one as a human shield against the others, so the first thing I did was to position Benjamin between myself and Conan. When Conan started coming around, I figured I had a limited amount of time to take control of Benjamin and submit him before Conan attacked, so I quickly pulled him into spider guard. By the time Conan made it to my back, I had already shot in for the triangle on Benjamin, but my foot wasn’t quite locked behind my knee. As I went to reach up and pull it in, Conan got hold of my arm, and he threw his leg over for the armbar. I tried to finish the triangle anyway, but I just couldn’t sink it. I told Conan that it was really hard to do while I was being armbarred, and he said “I don’t know, it looks like you’re doing a pretty good job.” Yeah well, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades! Neither of which are allowed on the mat.

I tapped to Conan’s armbar, and then he went away and let me submit Benjamin without any further distractions. It wasn’t with a triangle, though, I swept him and then ended up subbing him with an armbar from mount. The same armbar Conan used on me, juji gatame.

Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor?Well, I don’t think that I can take anymore.” -Stealers Wheel

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