It Was a Good Day

Lego Millennium Falcon- Ain't nobody got time for dat!It seems as though a lot of my posts about Jiu-Jitsu are focused on the negative aspects of my experience, but I wouldn’t be training it if there wasn’t more joy than pain. I guess writing about the things that frustrate me helps me to deal with them, but there are far more positive experiences than not. So, I just wanted to say that I went to Jiu-Jitsu class today…and it was a good day! I didn’t submit anyone, or even come close. Hell, I never even passed anyone’s guard during king of the mat, but those kind of things don’t really matter. What matters is that every time I pick up a new detail, or gain a deeper understanding of an old one, it’s exciting, and it makes me want to learn more.

Last week I overheard Holmes telling one of the newer students that Jiu-Jitsu is like Legos. He said as you start to learn some techniques, you’re collecting Legos, but you don’t really understand how to put them all together. Then after a little while, you are able to take some of the basic Legos and figure out how to make simple things with them, but there are still Legos in the box that you have no idea what to do with. As you begin to develop a better understanding of how to build, and what those weird-shaped ones are for, your Lego creations become more complex. Then one day you go to class and realize that you know how to build the freaking Millennium Falcon!

My Lego collection is getting bigger, and I can build basic things. Sometimes the other kids in class smash them, but I just pick up the pieces and start over! The fun is in the building.

“Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K., I got to say it was a good day.” -Ice Cube

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