So, my entire body was still in pain from doing two Jiu-Jitsu classes back to back on Sunday, mainly because the second one consisted entirely of throwing, but I decided to go to class today anyway, thinking “How bad could it be?”, then I got there, and Ray taught throwing for most of class! I was like “Are you freaking kidding me?”. Well, at least I didn’t have to do any teaching.

I was actually able to make it through the entire throwing portion of class before my back started seizing up, and my bruised ribs felt like someone had been repeatedly punching them. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I could ever learn to relax when practicing takedowns! I made the smart decision and just watched for the rest of class, but I hate doing that, because I really want to participate. Last week, I suppose in reference to the fact that I haven’t been doing open mat as much, one of my teammates told Joe that he thought my “problem” was that I’m afraid of being submitted. Bitch, please! I bet I have been submitted more than anyone else there, since 99% of the students can easily submit me, and if I was afraid of it, I would’ve quit a long time ago.

What I am afraid of, as a person with no health insurance, is being injured to the point where I need medical assistance, which I can’t afford. If I was to ever require surgery, it would probably send my family into bankruptcy, so I walk a fine line between trying to train as much as possible, without becoming seriously injured. I know it could happen at any time without warning, but nowadays I take try to take whatever precautions I can. If that means people think I’m a wuss or a chicken when I don’t roll or when I step out of class, so be it. I can take being submitted, I can take pain, but I can’t take stupid chances that also affect the people I love.


6 comments on “Pain

  1. I think you're probably heard this from me before, but do figure out whom in your school actually knows what they are doing in regard to throws (and it may not correlate with belt level… some of the white belts might have good judo experience or something) and stick to them. No novices.It is much less dangerous and much less painful. Let the person know you have some anxiety around being thrown, and to please let you down gently. Someone who is well-experienced in throwing can tomo nage a raw egg without breaking it, or slam you down really really hard. They have that control.The same experienced people should be able to help you troubleshoot your breakfalls so that you feel more confident.

  2. Thanks, Kitsune. I was working with a novice today, and he was trying to be gentle, but he was also as nervous as I was! I think me throwing him was actually what aggravated my back and ribs.Ray is a black belt in Judo, and at one point he came over and demonstrated on me for my partner to see. I didn't realize he was actually going to throw me, I thought he was just fitting in, so it scared me a little bit…but it was probably the most effortlessly and painlessly I have ever been thrown, because I didn't have a chance to tense up! :-)

  3. I think me throwing him was actually what aggravated my back and ribs.———Yet another place an experienced partner can help- s/he ought to be able to help troubleshoot your throwing form (especially if you specifically ask hir to).It is a perfectly reasonable request- at our age, and since you've had a serious injury doing this and have anxiety around it- to say, "Sorry, but I need to work takedowns only with these specific people," You're not being high-maintenence or a wuss or a jerk… especially if you only ask it for THIS particular set of techniques. Be assertive. I'm sure you're aware that this is a hole in your game that you should repair. It is probably never going to happen while you're drilling throws with people who don't know WTF they are doing.

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