I Love Music

Music is life.I have this weird kind of music-lyric-tourettes thing where if someone quotes lyrics from a song that I know, I have to say the next line, it’s almost a compulsion. Sometimes I just say it in my head, but I often blurt it out. One thing I usually do not do is sing it. My daughter tells people that I know the lyrics from every song ever written, and the reason she thinks that is because I used to sing along with the radio in front of her, until she threatened to report me for child abuse!

Songs will also constantly start playing in my head due to random things I see or hear. I don’t even really need an ipod, because I have brain radio! It won’t take more than a couple of words to set me off. For example, if you said “Joan of Arc was a pretty woman.”, I would suddenly hear “Walking down the street, pretty woman, the kind I’d like to meet…”. Although I would also be wondering why Joan of Arc’s looks were of such importance to you, considering all the things she accomplished that you could have mentioned instead. But I digress.

So, the fact that I often use song titles and lyrics on my blog is not contrived, it’s just that everything reminds me of a song. As someone who can’t sing, can’t rap, can’t read music, and can only play the drums on a basic level, all I can really be is a fan, but music is still an important part of my life. I am not a music snob, I can appreciate anything that moves me in any way, no matter the genre. Although it does annoy me to no end when songs that I hate start playing on my brain radio, I guess I need to get a better DJ up in here!

I think my extreme love of music came from my dad, because some of my earliest memories of are of him playing his guitar and singing. He wasn’t a professional, he was just a fan like me. One of the best things about music is that it can transport you to another place and time, and whenever I hear this song, I’m a kid again, sitting at my father’s feet, hanging on every word he sang (even though at the time I really had no idea what the words meant ;).

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