Fade to Black


Lines 1-4 were what I was thinking
when Conan said we had to teach!

I went back to Jiu-Jitsu yesterday after taking a whopping eight days off to heal from my most recent injury, and I managed to make it through class without hurting myself again! Well, except for my self-esteem, due to an epic fail when Conan made each of us teach a technique. A black curtain descended over my brain, and I could not think of a single thing. Conan literally had to try to show me what I was supposed to teach while everyone watched, it was truly awful. I’m sure it appeared to the class that I know absolutely nothing about Jiu-Jitsu, and I can’t disagree. I guess I don’t want anyone to take that “Worst Jiu-Jitsu Teacher Ever” award away from me!

The two white belts who were there, Jordan and Wes, did a much better job of teaching than I did. I mean, they actually taught something. Of course, Wes went right before me, and he taught the scissor sweep, which was what I had been planning on teaching, so when it was my turn, I went blank. Yeah well, I’m sure I would’ve done a crappy job teaching that anyway, so I’m just going to own my failure. At least I’m still there trying.

To ensure that I didn’t aggravate the multiple minor injuries that I’m still healing from, I didn’t roll at the end of class, but the slow-rolling portion near the beginning was awesome! I wish we had done more of that…like for the entire class…instead of taking turns teaching.

Meh, I’m still glad I went to class.


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