Call Me

Call me...not "maybe", that song blows!I do not have, nor do I really want, a smart phone. I don’t need one, and I waste entirely too much time online as it is, so mobile access isn’t necessary for me. My phone is incredibly stupid, and I like it that way! I even keep it on silent (not vibrate, but complete silence) as much as possible. I tell people that if they want to get hold of me their best bets are:

1. Text
2. Email
3. Facebook
4. Blog comment
5. Snail mail
6. Carrier pigeon
7. Message in a bottle
8. Phone call

I do not like talking, the written word suits me much better. There are very few people who I will actually answer the phone for, and even fewer that I will ever take the initiative to call (shout out to Karin, happy birthday, you geek goddess!).

We have not had a home phone for over ten years, we even took the jacks out of our house back then, but I do still own an old rotary dial phone. I keep it near the computer to remind me of how much has changed in my lifetime. My mom recently told me a story of a young relative who was at the eye doctor, and since she is too young to read the letters, they had pictures, and she was having trouble with one of them, so they thought she couldn’t see it. Then her mom realized that she just didn’t know what the picture was, because she had never seen an old phone before!

My rotary phone is a big hit with the neighborhood kids (once they figured out what it was). One of the boys brought a friend over, and he said “Come here, I want to show you something!”. I was positive he was heading for the swords, but he made a beeline for the phone! They were a little disappointed that the phone wasn’t hooked up, but they just pretended like it was, and made “phone calls” for awhile. They thought dialing it was super fun.

When I was a teenager, I spent ridiculous amounts of time talking on the phone, but like now, it was only to a couple of chosen friends. My main method of keeping in touch with the people I had met and moved away from during my Army brat days was via letter-writing. I had a lot of pen pals, and a couple of my friends still have an enormous collection of letters that I wrote to them. I’ve been communicating via the written word my entire life, it’s just a lot easier these days!

” Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any way. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any day.” -Blondie
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5 comments on “Call Me

  1. thing is, smart phones are all about enhancing 1 -> 4 so you can avoid number 8 entirely.+ they have a bunch of other functionality, like camera, GPS, games, internet browsing. None of which you have to use, but certain things are VERY useful in certain circumstances :)

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